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About Our Firm

We at Ananta Enterprise help men from all walks of life build the perfect footwear collection with our smart Leather footwear range. We have classic chappals, contemporary office shoes, standout loafer shoes to the most comfortable sandals, all crafted in genuine leather. Every pair that is showcased on our website is made at our purpose-built footwear studio where we have workers exhibiting impeccable craftsmanship in their jobs. We also have a separate testing wing where our range of Leather Chappal, Leather Loafer Shoes, Leather Sandal and Leather Shoes is tested by experts giving attention to the minutest of details. Their work conjoining strenuous efforts and extraordinary creativity help us gain firm grip in the Indian footwear market as a go-to manufacturer and supplier. Our excellence is also known among other industry players and we extend it to them via working as a third-party manufacturer and offering third party manufacturing services to these interested parties. Our firm is also trading products of famous Lee Cooper brand.

Why Us?

With us, one can easily get access to on-trend styles in footwear and explore from close quarters what is in vogue and what has become outmoded, especially in mens leather footwear. We take care of absolutely everything, from work to weekend footwear needs of men with our eye-catchy collection. We give thoughtful detailing to every pair we create, ensuring our shoes are fashionable, comfortable and durable. Finishes and styles offered are aplenty and we also have hard-to-find sizes in our selection. Our creative workers are never short of ideas! However, if a client wants to inject customized detailing in terms of colour, finish, texture, etc., on any pair that he or she is willing to purchase, we can handle the job like an expert. In fact, every season, we get orders related to product customization, which we fulfil with our special and unmatched manufacturing talent.

Client Satisfaction

We at Ananta Enterprise are not any run-of-the-mill shoe manufacturer and designer. Though a recent entrant in the shoe business, we are famed, demanded and celebrated by many clients who trust only our expertise when shopping for authentic leather shoes, including Leather Chappal, Leather Sandal, Leather Loafer Shoes and Leather Shoes. This is because we keep clients above everything in business and always strive to make their association with us extremely convenient for both. Besides, we are truly appreciated by clients because of the following:

  • Exclusive Products
  • Exciting Discounts
  • Easy Pricing
  • Expeditious Delivery

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